Digital Surge Machine

This course includes the initial setup training from Robert and I and then the live sessions with Ally and myself to cover each module in depth. Be sure to go through this course from the top down to get the understanding of the process, then the indepth call recordings.

Welcome To The Training

Robert and I welcome you to the course and help setup some expectations and how to get the best results from the trainings. Remember, this is built off of our real world businesses that each do mid six figures per year.
We promise that if you go through and implement this process you can actually make this work for you as well! Stop chasing the next big thing, apply this course, and you will see results!

CASE STUDY: $0-100K Student Interview

Meet Ally! Just a little over a year ago she was working 2 jobs driving 3+ hours a day for $20/hr trying to make ends meet. She went through this exact course you are about to go through, implemented it, and just a few weeks ago crossed the SIX FIGURE MARK!

Watch this inspiring interview to hear her story, and how you can follow in her foot steps. She is also in our FB group and can help answer questions!

Bonus Video - How To Get A Client Fast

In this video we discuss strategies Ally used and we often use to get clients fast. You don’t need to be a sales expert or have an established agency to land clients.
These are real world strategies that helped Ally get her first few clients, the lessons she learned, and how she did it all with absolutely zero previous experience and how you can follow in her foot steps. 

Marketing Planning Template

This module is a special addition which is designed for agency’s to add value for their clients. Perfect way to maintain and improve client relationships with a simple set of questions. You will have view level access and can FILE -> Make A Copy to create your own editable version.

Overview Summary

This module explains the opportunity for anyone to leverage this system. This is a high level view of the financial opportunity and vast potential to make money while working less.

eBook PDF Creation

Hands on and over the shoulder view of how to create a lead magnet and your new lead generating Facebook page. We also provided a link to the software we use to create these internally.

Facebook Page Creation

Step by step lead generation campaign creation with Facebook. Includes real world results from a brand new Facebook account and page.

Ad Creation

A detailed tutorial on how to create Facebook ads using Facebook Business Suite.

Lead Ads Results

How to track detailed lead metrics using Facebook Business Suite.

Facebook Lead Follow Up Sendgrid

Connect Facebook Business Suite to SendGrid or another CRM for automated lead follow up.

Client Ad Creation Tutorial

This video and step by step guide walk you through the process of how to get access to your clients Facebook page and ad account for the first time.

Live Training Recordings

Training Session One

This session is about setting up your Agency for success and doing it properly from the very beginning. We use an example agency and walk you through the steps. Plus I reveal the offer we will be using as our lead magnet and gave access to the editable copy of a Canva file so you can edit and make it your own.

Bonus Training Session

Learn how we leverage our super power as an Agency to up-sell clients with an offer that doubles the monthly revenue per client. It also serves as a great foot in the door or alternate offer for us.

Training Session Two

In Session Two we discussed creating your won lead magnet from articles, using the DFY Social Rotation guide, or leveraging software tools that I recently found to help create content and use software like Designerr to turn it into a PDF. We also covered the use of Canva for Ad creation, and a proven social media strategy to build your authority for your new page.

Links To Tools Discussed Live:,, and

Training Session Three

In Session Three we walk you through the initial ad campaign setup to create and optimize your first ad campaign to generate leads for your own digital agency. Using an example brand new agency and ad account you’ll see an over the shoulder look as to what creating your first campaign will look like.

Training Session Four

     4 leads in the first 36 hours of our ad being live!

In Session Four we reviewed the ad created in session three, changes we made as it launched, and our results. We also discussed the fast and manual way to contact those leads, follow up, and lead notification automation possibility.

Links To Tools Discussed Live:


Training Session Five

In Session Five I released my follow up sequence to get a prospect on the phone or to a demo Zoom. I also shared the process I use to qualify them and confirm buying power. Ally jumped in to discuss the slight difference in fulfillment. We also shared my Confidence To Close series. You now have everything you need to generate, close, and fulfill as a new FB Ad Agency.

Training Session Six


In Session Six we wrapped up the course with a BANG! During the call we recapped the course and held live Q/A that led to us finding out several students had already generated 20+ leads at about $10 per lead for their Agency, and one agency has closed multiple $499 deals with $199 upsells.

I also walked through sales strategies you can use for ads and how to frame them with a live on the fly copy course. I even walked through the exact presentation to give to an audience live or on a webinar to build excitement and interest during a 100% educational presentation.

Finally Ally and I covered the Accelerator Program and major impact it has made for her own Agency, leading to her crossing the six figure mark.